Due to YMW’s success and expansion, we are hiring for the following vacancies in our company:

Retail Customer Service and Sales Associate | This role entails building relationships with our clients’ target audiences onsite at our partners’ locations.  An ideal candidate is passionate about growth, communication, and delivering results.


Management Training Program | Our Management Training Program offers extensive hands-on marketing training to individuals looking to broaden their skill-set. This program, which is an accelerated training lasting on average 6 months, trains an individual into a senior position. Candidates learn the basics of how a sales force operates, including the branding of a product, raising community awareness, locating target markets and demographics, and increasing our client’s customer acquisition expectations. Once evolved into a management position, our associates are trained to administer the campaign on behalf of the client into a new market.

With the massive expansion happening in Hamilton it’s very important that we can find the same ambitious people that can help us grow.  The Management Training Program which has proved to be a huge success with our partners in the US and UK will be the foundations of how we can hit our goals.  With our emphasis on 100% promotion from within and merit-based promotions, it has only helped to ensure that we are one of the leading marketing companies in Hamilton.


Internships | Our full time paid internships are directed towards hard-working students looking to gain experience in the sales, marketing, and management fields. Similar to our Management Training Program, our main goal is to educate an individual on the basic, ground-level sales and marketing aspects of our business. In the event that an internship candidate wishes to continue with Branded Group Marketing Concepts for the long-term, and has made a positive impression, we offer the possibility of entering our Management Training Program.


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