YMW, Hamilton: The Insider’s Guide to Improving Sales

Hamilton-based sales and marketing firm You.Me.We Business Consultant Inc claim that the firm’s direct selling approach will increase sales for clients by up to 40%.  The firm reveals the top five reasons why.

A sale is the pinnacle activity involved in selling products or services in return for money.  It is an act of completion of a commercial activity and although all businesses are different, they all have one single aim – to be successful.  This success is often measured by profit and growth.

Profit and growth are mainly fed by sales i.e. more sales = more profit = more growth.

Improving sales is important because it can help to overcome a problem in the short term or used as part of the planned growth of the business in the longer term. YMW, claim that by outsourcing to the firm’s direct marketing services, businesses will improve sales by up to 40%.

YMW is an ambitious direct sales force that links Fortune 500 companies with their future, high quality and loyal customers.  The Hamilton-based firm develop effective ways to promote client’s products and services and their use of face-to-face interaction with consumers allows YMW to build quality relationships which in turn generate a loyal customer base for clients.


The firm claim that a 40% increase in sales is down to five key reasons:

  1. Strong Marketing Message –  YMW provides clients with a strong marketing message that is engaging, to the point and memorable in order to increases brand exposure and awareness and leads to a consumer purchasing decision.


  1. High Customer Engagement Levels – Through the firm’s face-to-face interaction with consumers, strong relationships are formed. Consumers engage with the products and services due to presentations made that aim to educate.


  1. Confident and Experienced Sales Force – YMW provide clients with an experienced and confident sales force to represent and promote brands. Classroom training is provided daily for everyone to ensure standards are kept high and consumers feel confident when purchasing a product or service.


  1. Understanding Consumer Needs – YMW defines a business strategy for each client to understand the brand being represented and where the target audience is located. The firm’s marketing includes highly targeted direct selling promotions.


  1. Amazing at Developing a Strong USP – YMW identify a strong USP for each client to ensure that the brands’ key features are marketed effectively.

YMW is eager to expand in Canada and internationally. Since their establishment in 2018, the firm has grown from a handful of motivated sales representatives to a dynamic sales and marketing force. As YMW continue to increase sales for their clients, international success is only to become even more certain.

YMW, Hamilton: The Insider’s Guide to Improving Sales

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