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Who Are We?

You.Me.We Business Consultants Inc is an ambitious direct marketing and sales organization that provides essential services for Fortune 500 companies and International Not-For-Profit Organizations. YMW is a brand new event marketing firm located in Hamilton that specializes in acquiring new business accounts for its national Clients.

Our business model is simple; We provide growth for our clients through building and training sales teams that generate recurring revenue and long-term customer relationships. We provide opportunities for our people to develop their Sales and Marketing skills in an environment that encourages Leadership and Integrity.

Here at YMW, we do not believe in hiring outside Managers; our promotions are filled Internally and Based Solely on Individual Performance – Not Seniority


Our Goals

YMW is very keen not only to expand through Hamilton and in Canada but internationally as well. Our goals in 2019 are to open 4 more branches in the Region alone, within the next 3 years we will open up in various major cities across Canada with long-term plans to go International.

We plan to open in the following location in the next 12-18 months:
Hamilton Mountain
St Catharine/Niagara


We develop ways to promote our client's products and services through face to face interactions. Business-to-Business / Business-to-Consumer / Retail Events / Corporate Events / University Events


What do we do?

Working with leading clients in the Financial and Retail services and Not-For-profit industries means that YMW is always trying to stay at the top of their games.  Our marketing includes highly targeted direct selling promotions, merchandising, auditing,  and building real relationships with consumers. These disciplines show a clear real return on investment (ROI) to the brand owner. This is a key feature and benefit of direct marketing and sales – seeing revenue expenditure generate a specific return.

Do you know the difference between Direct and Indirect marketing?


Why use Direct Marketing?

  • Direct Marketing is measurable for both the sales force and the client
  • Direct Marketing is cost effective for our clients
  • Direct Marketing gains sales at a faster rate than any other form of marketing
  • Direct Marketing drives progression and growth for both the sales force and the client



YMW's philosophy of 100% internal, organic growth guarantees team members will be trained from the entry-level up, providing them an opportunity for rapid advancement within the company.

We believe in Hard work beats talent when talent stops working hard. Join YMW Now!